photographer-424623_960_720TYME Photography is a personal photography blog by me, Tyson, a photographer working in Malaysia. The label is used on all my photos to as an identifying mark for my work. You will see that in all my projects, portfolios, and other materials I’ve produced my entire career.

The word TYME is a combination of my name, Tyson, and the word time which is the precious element needed in every photograph. Time in coming up with the best possible shot. How time is depicted in shots. I find the word time tied up with photography constantly and it’s a common theme in all my work.

In “My Story” you will see a timeline of my work as a photographer. I’ve traveled the world and chronicled a lot of events and caught a variety of wonderful sceneries all over Asia. It’s both a showcase of my work, as well as, a deeper insight on what I am as a photographer.

I hope readers and viewers will find inspiration in my work and what I do in their everyday life. I also hope to become a role model for aspiring photographers young and old through the photos I post and all the knowledge I share in this blog.